Who are they?

Devo is the son of Devortius, the leader of the Deviors clan.
Devo lost his mom,Devars, at the age of only 1 years old.
He is a pretty grumpy critical thinker.
He became best friends with Desi after the big attack occured.
(more about that in the backstory)
Only Desi is able to calm Devo down when he's mad.

Desi is the son of Designos, the leader of the Destors clan.
Desi is a very hyperactive parrot,
he's always happy and very social.
He loves challenges, doing things that look impossible,
he's a darer. He loves making jokes to cheer Devo up.


Keeping a lookout

This'll be Devo's job.
He'll make sure nobody breaks any rules.


This'll be Desi's job.
He'll talk to the students
and will repeat important things
during events in the gym.

Press to see the rules

What is their backstory?


5 years ago there were 2 clans: the Deviors and the Destors.
They were always rivals and always tried to outplay eachother by creating beter websites then the others.
That's right, the deviors and destors weren't a normal species, they were descendants from the very old: IMDireors clan,
a clan of parrots that possesed the power of making websites.


But all of that changed when the Virostiurs attacked. They were well known for destroying websites and clans.
The 2 clans, Deviors and Destors, decided to collab to defeat them but they were outnumbered and were defeated.
Only the sons of the leaders were able to escape from Birdscape, they were forced to leave from their leaders.
Not as an act of order, as an act of love for their children.


So Devo and Desi fled, they flew away far enough, and hid themselves on the little island 'Procesior'.
They trained each seperately, because they didn't trust eachother.
After training intensifly they returned to Bird Island to discover the horrifying truth: their clans were all dead, murdered.
Blinded by anger, Devo decided to take revenge and attack the Virostiurs, only to be severesly injured.
Desi saved Devo from them, and there their friendship started.


The birds decided to put their differences aside,and decided to put faith in eachother.
They would do anything to protect other people and so they went on a journey, a journey to become 'guardians'.
After traveling and experiencing lots of cool stuff together they decided it was time to really go live up to their name.
So they ended up in Belgium, where they found out that the masters of the Gym were looking for guardians of their gym.
They decided to apply and now they've become: The guardians of the Gym, they made their dream come true.
But most importantly, they did it together.

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Guardians of the Gym

Guardians of the Gym

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

So how did you guys actualy become friends?

- Can't you read? Read the backstory! - Devo

Do you also have hobby's like us humans?

- Yes ofcourse we do. We both love seeing nature, and we're also both pretty good at dancing (but don't tell Devo I said that) - Desi

What do you do when someone breaks a rule?

- Easy, I bite their butt and steal their food - Devo

Why is Devo so rude?

- That's just his personality. But actualy, the ruder he is, the more he likes you ;) - Desi