I'm Senne Mommens, a 22 years old guy studying Media & Entertainment Business at Thomas More Mechelen with a big passion for design and videography.

I've always liked watching videos and designing, it's just so interesting to see how these amazing brands create these great projects.

In my free time I am a content creator on YouTube on which I have a channel on which I upload silly and comedic videos. Besides being a content creator I also enjoy creating apparel designs to sell on redbubble. Lastly I like spending the rest of my freetime meeting friends, watching series and movies and working out.

Looking for a video-editor or a graphic designer? Contact me below and let's create something great together!



I made a wordlogo with the word "explode". A wordlogo is basicaly a word where you see a visual representation of that word in it. I made it so that it looks like the word is literally exploding.



My back to basics logo represent the letters S and the letter M, in essence the initials of my name. My goal was to come up with a simple logo yet stylish.


Business Card

I made a business card for my brand. I went for a very simple yet very slick look. I added an QR code to it, which will bring you to my site when you scan it.


Guarding Pet

This little, overweight raccoon is called Rade. He is a very tame and friendly raccoon because he was raised by humans. He is the present guard of the creativity gym at Mechelen. He mostly guards it from trespassers, raccoons are very intelligent so they know an imposter when they see one. He may be a little overweight, but he can still move and guard very well. He hopes he's making his (real) parents proud by doing this important duty!



I decided to make a wallpaper for the Smashing Magazine Wallpaper contest for the month of August. My wallpaper is about Relaxation day, which is on the 15th of August. I basically showcase my perspective of relaxing. Just laying on the beach with a nice cocktail and looking at how the waves move, that's what I call relaxing. It was eventually chosen as one of the winners so you can download it for free on their website.


E-card SOS Kinderdorpen

I made an e-card for the charity of SOS Kinderdorpen. It shows a stranger, a white man giving a little bit of love to a child. The message behind it is that even by giving a little bit of money you help warm the hearts of the children in need so you're kinda giving a little bit of love in the shape of money.


Animated Video Eplainer

I made an animated video explainer about "Tinder". In that video I basicaly describe what Tinder is and how to use it by the aid of animation.


Telenet Ad

I made an advertisement for a new internet service Telenet is offering. the ad is focused on young gamers.
Camera: Tashana Cole, Bianca Seaton, Debbie Decramer, Senne Mommens
Voice-over game: Senne Mommens
Voice-over end: Bianca Seaton
Edited by: Senne Mommens


Need help? Get in touch with me and we'll create something amazing together.